Albugnano : Albugnano D.O.C.

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Albugnano D.O.C.

Selection and Refined Wines

Decanter Silver Medal - Decanter 2019

Vinibuoni d'Italia 3 Stars - Vinibuoni d'Italia 2018

Decanter Bronze Medal - Decanter 2018

Decanter Bronze Medal - Decanter 2017
Coccarda Premio Douja d'Or - 2016

The noblest of the Piedmont wines, the Nebbiolo, like tradition demands derives its “doc” attribute from the name of the leading village in the production area.
Albugnano is a village situated on the highest hill of the production area, in the centre of Piedmont, with a far-reaching view that on a clear day the Alps are its only obstacle.

Wine: Albugnano D.O.C.
Vine: Nebbiolo 100%
Area of production: Piedmont and all the villages around Albugnano, in the northern part of Asti province.
Refinement: This wine rests for at least 12 months in big oak barrels; this period gives to the Albugnano a remarkably harmony and an extraordinary longevity thanks to the process of micro-oxygenation performed by these barrels.
Color: Intense red turning into a garnet red with aging.
Bouquet: Winey, heavenly, fruity, especially of cooked fruit, spicy with a delicate woody sensation.
Flavour/Aroma: To the palate is full of body with an elegant tannin, thanks to its refinement, tasting just right, persistent and harmonious.
Best when used: 2-10 years.
Suitability: Its tannic sensations and full body taste make it suitable for grilled or broiled red meats and spicy or marbled cheeses.
How to serve: In a large chalice, best if first aerated in a decanter at a temperature of 20°-22° C.


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